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Sketchup Software Class

How to learn New Apps: When it’s not expressly required By exploring making mistakes and solving them: solving by questioning / Forums / youtube If you don’t learn it and make it do what you want you’re no longer a designer. Designs become program standards. 3D modelling and design software from Sketchup Freeware > Make Paid > Pro…
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3D printing 101

Quick Guide: Download a 3D file from Download Cura slicing software Open Cura and set your printer (we have the following printers at the Makerspace: Prusa i3, Makerbot Dual, Printrbot) Set your temperatures according to the plastic you plan to use (PLA: Nozzle 210°C, Bed 50°C; ABS: Nozzle 240°C, Bed 90°C) Set the nozzle size according to…
InOnline trainingsoftware

software for makers

This is the right place to start if you are looking for software for makers The software you need depends on what you are wanting to make, but we recommend some almost universal tools that will be a great starting place. We also believe in the OpenSource movement, so most of these tools are free…
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