The MakerSpace | Team building | Laser Etched Chopping boards.

Bring your designs and etch them onto a chopping board.
Chopping board team building at The MakerSpace

– Inspire your team by bringing them for a unique team building experience where they will get to make and take home a personalised laser etched chopping board.

– We will assist the members of your team to use the laser cutter to personalise their chopping boards.

– Make your own design, find one on the internet or write a message.

– Make it for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

-Contact Cari:

* minimum charge of R3000.
* All prices exclude VAT.


Team building @ The MakerSpace

Team Building @ The MakerSpace

Looking for something different for you team to do?
Let them get a little hands-on by joining us for a “Maker” team build.

Team Building @
Team building: 3D printed heads, leather craft, doodle robots.

– Get your team’s heads 3D printed.

– Learn a little about 3D printing.

– Use the 3D printed heads to play an interactive board game. Your team will need to get silly, pitch ideas and learn about each other.

– Finish the day by making either a leather card holder or a doodle robot which each team member will get to take home with them.

-Contact Cari:



* minimum charge of R3000.
* All prices exclude VAT.

MakerCon…9 Days to Go!

MakerCon… 9 Days to Go!

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