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Inkscape software class

How to learn New Apps:
  • When it’s not expressly required
  • By exploring making mistakes and solving them:
  • solving by questioning / Forums / youtube
  • If you don’t learn it and make it do what you want you’re no longer a designer.
  • Designs become program standards.
Vector creating, editing and design software.
Open Source
Vector vs Raster.

Inkscape uses the .svg filetype this stands for Scalable Vector Graphic.
inkscape logo
Intention to use this software for laser cutting… laser cutter follows vector paths (can do photos but only as scans/etches)
Basic interface:
     Tools left side
     Dockers right side
     Menu bar at top
Basic toolbars / docks required.
          Controlling whats seen and how stacked
     Align and Distribute
          Aligning and distributing items
     Fill and Stroke
          Fill, stroke and properties
Useful Processes:
Useful Resources:
          official inksacpe home
          official inskcape tutorials
          comprehensive getting started guide
          Makerspaces own intro to vectors
*Jono James 2015


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