LaserSpace commerical laser cutting service Durban

Easy Laser Cutting service in Durban,

We can cut 1300mm x 900mm sheet size, wood and plastic maximum 10mm thickness. We can etch metal but we cannot cut metal.

Laser Cutting service in Durban
R7 per minute,

R50 setup
R400/hr design time
min charge is R500 per job.


Thank you for contacting us regarding our laser cutting service. Our passion is to train people to use the laser cutter themselves through the MakerSpace membership, but we do offer a premium commercial cutting service for your convenience. We can cut wood/plastic/fabric/leather/paper up to 10mm but not Metal. We can etch into metal if required for name plates/engraving etc. Laser cut materials generally have a blackened edge where the laser has touched the workpiece, although certain plastics like perspex cut without this.
We need you artwork in the file format of open vector SVG with a JPG reference for cutting or JPG format for etching. (SVG files need to be SVG type not Adobe type, and all objects need to be converted into paths not just masked) Please reference the size. Our bed size is 1300x900mm and generally this is the maximum size of the largest single piece you want cut.
We charge R400/hour for design time where required or requested, And charge a minimum of R200 for design where your files are not in a usable format (overlapping lines, paths not closed, text not converted to curves etc)
We charge per minute of cutting time, so the thinner/softer the material the quicker the cutting time. 
Our turnaround times for simple laser cutting jobs less than R3000 is 3-5 days. Turn around time for special projects is generally 1-4 weeks depending on complexity. We do offer an express service where you pay an extra 50% to jump the queue, where we can deliver same day or next day depending on the volume of your job and our capacity.
Please send us details of the work you would like done, and we will respond shortly. In order to quote accurately we usually require:
  1. artwork in SVG/JPG
  2. JPG screenshot to compare and make sure what we are seeing matches what you are seeing
  3. type material required
  4. thickenss of material
  5. size
  6. delivery date
Please note we only do finishing work like sanding, painting and assembly on special request and for bigger projects.



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