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Commercial Membership

The MakerSpace exists to unlock creativity in people. The power of creativity in creating value is well documented, and leveraging this potential for the benefit of your organisation has different requirements than a personal membership. For one thing you probably have Intellectual Property concerns. If you are working on a commercial project for a client, or even from yourself, its natural to be defensive and want to protect the IP you create. Our theory in IP is well documented here.

We would still love to have you at The MakerSpace and have created a commercial membership option accordingly. Specific details are as follows:

  1. You retain ownership of your IP
  2. You will pay more for the right to own and protect your IP
  3. You and your employees are solely responsible to protect your IP
  4. You can access our professional product design and services at a discounted rate

Pricing is as follows:

Single member – R300 per month, includes access to the laser during business hours on a pay as you go basis.

Company membership – R250 per month per person, includes access to the laser during business hours on a pay as you go basis.

You will be invoiced on the 25th of each month, or

Pay upfront R1000 per month, access for up to 4 employees, hot desk, on demand design consulting, R300 laser cutting credit.

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