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Sketchup Software Class

How to learn New Apps:
  • When it’s not expressly required
  • By exploring making mistakes and solving them:
  • solving by questioning / Forums / youtube
  • If you don’t learn it and make it do what you want you’re no longer a designer.
  • Designs become program standards.
3D modelling and design software from Sketchup
Freeware > Make
Paid > Pro
Make vs Pro
Pro allows exporting to DXF and other file types as well as importing and the use of Layout for sketchup.
besides these not much, and these won’t worry us too much.
Signup > Download and play.
Sketchup uses the .skp file format and .skb for backups
Intention is to use this software for 3D Printing and design mockups… 3D printer reads code generated from 3D models / solids
Show the work achievable.
     Fishing net Bracket:



Basic interface:
     Tools left side and top > view large tool set
     Dockers and palettes open as needed.
     Menu bar at top
3D Axis
Basic tools. tool by tool.
Useful Processes:
Start with Archi / furniture in mm.
Draw by series of lines and faces and applying modifiers to change the geometry
once happy with the model we need to get it to a format that 3D printers can handle > stl (Stereolithography)
need to add an extension to do this.
for extensions we need to access some extra resources. Window > Extension Warehouse > search or STL
Useful Resources:
*Jono James 2015


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