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Author: Steve Gray


What is next?

So what classes are next? We recently asked the question on facebook and generated a lot of traffic, now lets vote. Post by the MakerSpace Foundation. With every MakerSpace class we think it is important that we actually make something together. It’s the best way to learn, and usually the perceived value of the item…

3D Scanning for everyone

  First up: Kickstarter is a cool platform (check it out if you haven’t before). 3D scanning is the missing piece in the “new industrial revolution” driven by 3D printing. Occipital has just set the benchmark, coming in at just over 15% of the cost of the makerbot 3D scanner. You see it is all very…
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3D printing 101

Quick Guide: Download a 3D file from Download Cura slicing software Open Cura and set your printer (we have the following printers at the Makerspace: Prusa i3, Makerbot Dual, Printrbot) Set your temperatures according to the plastic you plan to use (PLA: Nozzle 210°C, Bed 50°C; ABS: Nozzle 240°C, Bed 90°C) Set the nozzle size according to…

The need to Make

“…there is something very novel and thrilling to me, to build with wood and stone… I can’t recreate that sense of pleasure online.” I just watched a documentary called “the Startup kids”, which gives a brief overview of young entrepreneurs who have succeeded (and failed) online. They say the same thing all entrepreneurs say: “Just do it.”,…

Make a leather wallet

Open your wallet, it’s time to make – with style. Join theMakerSpace and Savior Brand Co for this special leather craft course Register here while there is still space Join us on thursday 26th of Sept, 7pm Max and the Leather guru’s from Savior Brand Co. will be working with us on their most popular product: the slimline leather…
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software for makers

This is the right place to start if you are looking for software for makers The software you need depends on what you are wanting to make, but we recommend some almost universal tools that will be a great starting place. We also believe in the OpenSource movement, so most of these tools are free…
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Making with Vectors

What the heck is a Vector? It is a way of representing an image. Most pictures that you see on the internet are bitmaps. The difference between bitmats and vectors is best described the picture below: Vectors are lines drawn through a list of mathematical equations. Bitmaps (also knows as Rasters) are made up of lots…

theMakerSpace begins

Welcome to theMakerSpace! What is a “maker space” and what’s up with THEmakerSpace? isnt that a bit presumptious? It could be, but this is South Africa, and we have to keep things simple because we are usually a step or two behind the first world. The Maker Movement, is all about you and me making…
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